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Web Site Design

devicesLet our team of dedicated web professionals create your site using "Responsive" programming techniques so your website fits all screen sizes from cell phones to large TV's.

User Experience

Your site must be simple and easy to use for your visitors. Users do not want to learn to use your site. Web users have grown accustomed to a certain experience that they now expect online.

Every website we develop, we do so with this key component in mind. Your user is on your site, you have their attention. Once you have their attention, your site should walk them through why they should take an action and incentivize them to do so.

Responsive Design

We can all think of websites that require us to “stretch” the screens on our mobile devices to read the content. This is an awful user experience and is now subject to penalty from Google. Responsive Web Design is the process of insuring that, regardless of the device a user is accessing your site from, a customized and tailored view has been crafted.

At Buhv Designs, we only build with a Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach. We start with the mobile version, tackle the tablets and laptops, and round the finish line with desktop and television versions of your website.

Design for Sales

Your brand kicks ass. Your website is wicked pretty. The content is polished and tells your story. None of these matter if your site is not producing the results you desire. Is the purpose of your website is to sell a product or service? Was your website created to encourage users to make a donation or download a file? Whatever the purpose, creating clear and concise calls to action is imperative.


We provide lovingly crafted web sites using themes from reputalbe theme developers so that your site will stay updated and secure moving forward.

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